My Values

Vision statement

To provide massage and natural therapies that nurture and empower people towards improved wellness and vitality.

Mission statement

I will provide a safe nurturing space where people are seen, listened to and valued.

By listening to my clients I will provide tailored treatments that focus on their personal health goals with our ultimate goal being their improved health and vitality.

Core Values

Nurture Your World sees education as empowerment and believe in the importance of informed choice as this allows people to have control over the outcomes.

I aim to provide an impeccable standard of care that includes the values of honesty, willingness, fun, encouragement, being open-minded and non-judgemental.

I focus on the strengths of the clients I see as I know that by drawing on people’s strengths they will be better place to achieve their goals.

I believe that all people deserve good health.

Through a high standard of care, reliability and customer service I will provide this care for my clients.